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Under the condition of large elastoplastic bending,no matter how different the original bending degree is,the CNC precision leveler uses the "Bauschinaer effect" of the material to bend the plate many times. araduallv reducina the bendina deflection so that the multiple original curvatures gradually become a single curvature, and they are finally leveled to achieve the leveling accuracy required by the process.

CNC leveling machine has been widely used in industry, with advanced technology, high leveling accuracy, wide process range, high degree of automation, reliable and stable work under high strength,etc. 

During the roll leveling process, the metal plate passes through a series of alternate bendina, the precise control of the pressing amount of each leveling drum through the motor and PLC control, eliminates the internal stress and fundamentallv solves the unsatisfactorv leveling effect caused by the different stresses in each part of the sheet so as to achieve high-precision leveling.

Zhejiang Zhongnuo Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, It is a National High-Tech Enterprise that is specializing in scientific research, development and manufacturing of various types of metal sheet intelligent embossing machines and forming machines.

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