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Normal FAQs

  • Q Are you a factory or a trading company?

    We are factory with foreign trade department.
  • Q When your company was founded?

    Our company was founded in 2014.
  • Q Do you have any certificates?

    We have passed IS09001 and IS014000.
  • Q What are the maintenance skills of embossing roller?

    It is necessary to clean the embossing roller to protect the pattern, such as removing rust by acid pickling and removing oil stains by organic matter. And you can use sand blasting treatment to increase surface roughness of the embossing roller, it can improve the binding force between the surface pattern and the embossing roller. Finally, the embossing roller should be kept dry to prevent rusting again.


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Stainless Steel Plate Embossing Machine for Production Line

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Embossing roller size
Φ510mm; width 1400mm
Embossing roller pattern
Convex hull, corn grain, Pearl pattern, ball and other patterns. (Patterns can be customized.)
Aluminum plate size

Max. width 1250mm
Embossing roller material
Embossing mode
Upper and lower concave-convex rollers Opposing pressure
Pressure adjustment
hydraulic unilateral 50T
Transmission mode
Gear transmission
Voltage and Power
380V/50HZ 3P;
15KW (wire speed 1-60m/min.)
Equipment composition
1 embossing machine, 1 set of uncoiler and hydraulic trolley, 1 set of winder and hydraulic trolley, 1 set of hydraulic station, 1
set of control cabinet

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Zhejiang Zhongnuo Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, It is a National High-Tech Enterprise that is specializing in scientific research, development and manufacturing of various types of metal sheet intelligent embossing machines and forming machines.

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